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It’s a Fidelli Ting! 

Welcome To Fidel's Hash Hole

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We stock rare genetics such as Afghan Landraces strains and crosses from Hawaii that have landrace strains in their genetics. Our standards are incredibly high, meaning that when we meet with weed seed banks to work with, many don’t meet our expectations. This practice is the only way to consistently promote the highest quality seeds and most desirable strains on the market to meet our customer’s expectations. In addition, we work incredibly closely with the brands we support, enabling us to share an exclusive selection of some of the most esteemed weed seeds!

Top Quality Buds And Seeds Of Exceptional Quality

Recently, Fidel Hash Holes released a line of premium cannabis seeds that are readily available in standard seed form across the globe. This range encompasses extraordinary varieties such as Runtz Mint, Peach Pound Cake and Gemelo. With the lowest pricing available online, Seed City is pleased to provide the entire range of Fidel Seed Co. seeds. Individual seeds or full packets of this premium assortment are available for purchase by customers.


Buy Fidels Weed For Online

Fidel’s Hash Holes are available in two sizes: Original Hash Holes, which contains 2.5 grams of flower and 1 gram of rosin hash, and Mini Hash Holes, which contains 1.5 grams of flower and 0.5 grams of hash rosin. Since their introduction, Fidel’s Hash Holes have gained significant visibility online and have been enjoyed by smokers in a variety of sessions, from intimate gatherings to larger events.

Fidels Hash Holes are available in several forms, including LA Family Farms Hash Hole, Hash Hole Blunt, and Fidels Hash Hole Pre-Roll. They can be found at different prices depending on the specific product. Reviews and discussions about Fidels Hash Holes can be found on platforms such as Reddit and Weedmaps. Find the best cannabis extracts for hashish at STIIIZY

The collaboration between DNA Genetics and Fidels resulted in the creation of DNA Genetics X Fidels Hash Holes. Other options include Fidels – Prerolls, Fidels x Cookies Mini Hash Holes, and Fidels – Garlic Grapes x Wedding Cake Mini Hash Hole Pre-Roll. A hash-infused pre-roll refers to a joint that has been infused with hashish, providing an enhanced experience. The contents of a hashish joint typically include a combination of hashish flower and rosin. The best pre-rolls can vary depending on personal preference. It is possible to smoke only part of a pre-roll and save the rest for later. Fidels Hash Holes prices may vary and are available in both pre-roll and blunt formats.

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Our Business is based on mutual trust

We are a cannabis seed supplier that intends on working in the marijuana business for the foreseeable future, with no plans on stopping. This means we rely on our customer as much as our customer relies on us. Our Business is based on mutual trust that we trust you and you can 100% Trust us. If you have an issue, rest assured that we will work hard to help you out. We even offer a semi-guarantee on our seeds, which most companies strictly dont offer, see our ‘Fresh Seeds Guaranteed Policy‘.


Why shop with us?

Buying weed and cannabis seeds with us to guarantee that you will get fresh and quality weed. We store all our seeds in a commercial fridge as do our partners to guarantee this freshness. We also date every packet of seeds that enters our office to make sure they are not past our own 2-year holding date.

We offer up to 40% Discounted special offers. This gives you the opportunity to buy marijuana in the US and internationally at highly discounted prices.

When you buy from us, we guarantee to offer original breeder packed marijuana seeds every time. The discounted strains on our site are fresh and sealed with real some of the cheapest prices you will ever find online.

Pre-Roll Gaming is Undergoing a Revolution Because of Fidel’s Hash Holes

A cannabis hash hole is not the same as a typical pre-roll. When smoking, the unique rosin-infused joint has a smoldering hole in the middle that lets concentrated cannabis oil accentuate each hit. Those with a higher THC tolerance are captivated by these unique joints and crave more with each puff.

The Hash Holes of FidelFidel Hydro, a.k.a. Shant Damirdjian, is the company’s principal driver. He is not only a dedicated cannabis plant enthusiast but also an experienced grower, plant breeder, and an emerging figure in the thriving pre-roll infusion industry. Throughout his life, Damirdjian, who was born in Pasadena, has split his time between Lebanon and California. His brother Serge, who owned his cannabis brand and subsequently co-founded the Cookies Maywood dispensary, provided him with direction when he started his adventure into cannabis farming.

Damirdjian gives his brother Serge credit for sharing important information on lighting, genetics, and nutrition, among other topics related to cannabis growing. He fondly remembers beginning his journey in the industry at the age of 18, working as a stock boy in a hydraulic workshop owned by his brother at the time.”

Damirdjian committed himself to working at the grow shop for the following nine years, during which he deepened his understanding of the sector and grew his network. He made connections with other cultivators, developed contacts, and eventually started a consultancy business, offering his knowledge of appropriate cannabis growing practices to a range of businesses. It was during this time at the store that his grower persona, “Fidel Hydro,” was born.

Damirdjian reveals that his nickname, Fidel Hydro, was inspired by basketball player Kevin Durant. He was particularly intrigued by Durant’s Instagram username, @easymoneysniper, which he thought was a cool and captivating nickname. Wanting a similar moniker, Damirdjian adopted the name Fidel Hydro, which resonated with him, and he has stuck with it ever since.

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Fidel’s Hashhole, Founder Fidel Hydro | Fidel’s Hashholes

In 2017, Damirdjian, already known for the variety version of him as Mad Man OG and a Runtz version that people still request, decided to make things official. “Fidel Hydro” became “Fidel’s,” and Hash Holes arrived in the Bay Area brick-and-mortar market in 2018.

Premium cannabis flower and “six-star ice water hash,” which is renowned for its outstanding quality, are utilized to create the infused pre-rolled joints. Original Hash Holes, which have 2.5 grams of flower and 1 gram of hash rosin, and Mini Hash Holes, which have 1.5 grams of flower and 0.5 grams of hash rosin, are the two sizes of these joints that are offered.

Since its debut, Fidel’s Hash Holes has been quite popular among smokers at both big and small parties and has received a lot of attention online. These joints are so well-known that they are often compared to Fidel’s Hash Holes, even when a fake hash is thrown around. They are ideal for sharing and wowing a crowd.

The design concept for Hash Hole originated during a visit to Barcelona in 2018 for the renowned Spannabis cannabis fair. Fidel got to smoke joints with big-time players in the California cannabis scene, rolling large joints with rosin hashish centered in them. Fidel decided to blend premium six-star hash with California flowers, which were not widely available in the area, to make an absolutely amazing joint. This was the birth of Hash Hole. When Fidel got back home, he was keen to get the word out about hashholes.

Damirdjian reflects with pride on the creation of the term “cash hole,” acknowledging that it was not a widely recognized term prior to its use. The meaning of this category has personal meaning for him. Rather than claiming to be the only creator, he sincerely wants to advance the category. He thinks that authentic historians will correctly describe the term’s development and significance.

Hand-rolling up to 100 Hash Holes a day and bringing them to the mainstream cannabis market was Damirdjian’s mission. Since then, the brand has sparked a significant transformation in the infused preroll category within the legal California market. In April 2021, Fidel’s Hash Holes made its debut in dispensaries through a licensing agreement with cannabis grower Natura. These products are currently offered in more than 100 dispensaries in California.

Fidel’s KMZ (Kush Mints x Zkittlez) recently accomplished a notable feat by claiming the first flower trophy at the Transbay Challenge, a community-driven cannabis competition. This marked the brand’s inaugural participation in a competition, resulting in its first victory. According to Damirdjian, this triumph is just the beginning, and he foresees many more successes in the future.

In September, Fidel’s will launch an exciting collaboration with Anwar Carrots, known as Fidel’s x Carrots. This collaboration will feature 500 limited-edition product boxes, each containing two 7-gram jars of Fidel’s flower, a specially designed Fidel’s x Carrots t-shirt and hoodie, a headband, a kibbutz for Crocs, and a Hash Hole original. To increase its uniqueness, the Original Hash Hole will be packaged inside a 3D-printed Carrot sculpture.

However, of all that’s looming on the horizon, Damirdjian is most excited to have his flower on dispensary shelves. Later in the fall, the flower and grower’s rosin will finally be available on the licensed market, and many more people will be able to experience this one-of-a-kind smoke.

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